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3:00pm 04-23-2014
We have new dalmatian girl from very famous lines and we plan puppies! Contact Merle for information!!!
Dalmatians!!! Dalmatians!!! Dalmatians!!!
3:39pm 12-01-2011
Julia Kolodejeva
Very useful video about Dogo Argentino
Kasulik video argentiina dogist. Englise keeles.
5:43pm 06-15-2011
Thank you Annika)))
and You too
3:42pm 06-14-2011
Annika B
Have a grat summemr from us
2:02pm 05-04-2011
Thank you Daniel very much!
And good luck to you!
3:25am 05-04-2011
You have very beautiful dogs with excellent structure and conformation. Very impressive. Your dogs are superior to most of those I have commonly seen in the US. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Blasco
Blasco Family Bulldogs
10:19pm 02-12-2011
Tere Reelika
Buca on super vormis ja väga ilus dalma.
Aitäh salvestuse eest
3:01pm 02-10-2011
Buca omas elemendis
5:25pm 01-26-2011
10:24am 01-26-2011
Talviset terveiset Suomen puolelta =) Bombo lahettaa haukkujen kera terveisia :w"e:

Kivat sivut "
9:37pm 01-02-2011
Happy New Year 2011
2:07pm 01-08-2010
Happy New Year!!! Best regards. Geeza...
8:31pm 12-29-2009
Happy New Year!!! We wish all the best for you and for your dogos!!! Greetings from "Blansky les" kennel.
2:49pm 12-26-2009
I wish you a Happy New Year and a succesfully 2010 :-)
11:14pm 12-24-2009
Greetings from Czech Republic :-) I wish you Merry Christmas and happy New year too :-)
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